Acerone (Luke Palmer)


As part of New Expressions 2, Bristol City Museums, Galleries and Archives commissioned a vibrant new work, 'Window on Bristol' by two nationally acclaimed Bristol artists, Andy Council and Luke Palmer.

‘Window on Bristol’ depicts the city today, featuring much-loved local landmarks and a few of the quirky sights of the city, that all help to make Bristol unique.

The artists collaborated on this commissioned work to create an image of the city in the 21st century, which is designed to resonate with M Shed visitors of all ages.

Acerone (Luke Palmer) is a Bristol-based visual artist. Known for his contribution to the Bristol graffiti street art movement, Acerone makes public wall paintings and photographic works. Since 2008 his work has focused on using photographic images as blueprints for his paintings. In 2009, the installation he produced for the Crimes of Passion exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy was selected to be the artwork added to the RWA’s permanent collection.

In May 2011 Acerone held his first solo exhibition at Friend and Co. gallery, Bristol, and was co-curator and artist at the Triple Drop show at the Centrespace gallery, Bristol. 2009 saw Acerone win first prize in the Photographique Gallery photography competition, ‘Bristol: A Second Look’.

In 2008, 2007 and 2006, Acerone represented the UK at the Meeting of Styles street painting conventions in Zurich, Switzerland Wiesbaden, Germany. Since 2005 he has also been delivering arts award qualification courses to young people who are disengaged with mainstream education within Bristol and the South West of England.

Acerone (Luke Palmer) Profile Image


New Expressions 2 artist Acerone's recent work comprises of street paintings, screen prints, photographic collage and interior installations that record fragments of time and replay them as visual journeys.

These pieces seek to explore the relationship between the static and the dynamic, simplicity and detail, the past and the present.