Instruments of Industry. Photo: S Liddiard

Instruments of Industry. Photo: S Liddiard

Board Statement: New Expressions and the future

By New Expressions

24 May 2016

As New Expressions 3 draws to a close with ‘Instruments of Industry’, Hannah Leighton-Boyce’s collaboration with Touchstones Rochdale (until 11 June), the Board has issued a statement about what the future holds.

The statement reflects on New Expressions’ growth from a regional initiative in 2008 to a commissioning programme with national reach in 2016, and outlines findings from the programme’s consultation during 2015-16 about the potential for a Subject Specialist Network for museums, artists and audiences.

The statement describes current work, by a refreshed and expanded Programme Board, to understand and shape future developments at a time of great changes in the cultural sector.

It also launches a new set of online professional resources for museums, artists, curators and producers.


Image: 'Instruments of Industry' (2016) Hannah Leighton-Boyce. Commissioned by Touchstones Rochdale as part of a New Opportunities Award from New Expressions 3. Photo: Simon Liddiard