Clare Twomey


Clare Twomey - Plymouth Porcelain: A new collection

Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery until 2027

For New Expressions 2, renowned ceramicist Clare Twomey created a new collection of porcelain objects that come from Plymouth – representing a continuation of the city’s collections in the everyday lives of Plymothians.

Twomey invited residents of the city to loan their ceramic objects for re-casting. The artist selected 33 of these to re-cast in a pure white porcelain. The re-cast pieces are shown in 33 suspended cases, each piece individually back-stamped and displayed as a new heritage.

Twomey says: ‘The work creates a contemporary perspective on usage and taste and the desire to use, own and love objects in our home. It connects our own relationship to porcelain to the historical collections at Plymouth’.

The work pays homage to Plymouth porcelain and the work of Plymouth-born William Cookworthy – the first maker of hard paste porcelain in the UK.

Twomey’s commission, ‘Plymouth Porcelain: A New Collection’ will be at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery until 2027.

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New Expressions 2 artist Clare Twomey works directly with clay, frequently in collaboration with the ceramics industry, and constructs large-scale ceramic installations for galleries, museums and other historic or cultural venues.

Over the last ten years she has attained a national and international reputation, last year completing an installation at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas and projects for the Denver Art Museum. Closer to home was her recent involvement in Museum Maker at Brighton Royal Pavilion.