Poolman and Rowe coins launch, Soho House

Poolman and Rowe coins launch, Soho House

Evaluation shows value of supported approach to collaboration between artists and museums

By New Expressions

16 August 2016

A wide-reaching evaluation of New Expressions 3 – the third phase in a programme promoting collaboration between contemporary artists and museums – is the latest in a series of studies of the initiative which, together, offer a rare, longitudinal enquiry into the impact of collaboration on museums, artists and audiences regionally in the South West and, since 2013, nationally.

For New Expressions 3, the evaluator framed investigations into the programme’s artistic and strategic activity, assessing the journey of artists and museums alongside the impact of the creative collaborations on audiences. In addition to evaluating data across the programme, six in-depth case studies enabled more intensive exploration of the model in different contexts. 

The findings demonstrate the continuing value of a structured and supported way of working which provides creative risk-taking opportunities for artists, museum professionals and independent curators, enabling them to develop and share their talents, skills and expertise, while enabling communities and visitors to make rewarding connections with place.

An executive summary of the report is available here