Gabriella Falk


As part of a 2008 New Expressions 1 commission for RAMM, textile artist Gabriella Falk explored objects from RAMM's world textiles collection. Gabriella was particularly inspired by the museum's Kenyan beadwork.

Gabriella's final work was a conceptual piece, influenced by the way the objects were packed up in the museum's store (RAMM had recently closed for redevelopment). The work emphasises the 'hidden' aspect of the collections - 'subverting the access agenda', as one curator put it.

Tony Eccles, Curator of Ethnography, said: 'It has been good to share a passion about the objects with an artist. The combination of our ethnographic perspective and the artist's aesthetic enables us to reach a much richer understanding and interpration'.

Gabriella says: 'The commission got me interested in a more conceptual approach. I'm now in the early stages of planning another museum and research-based project for 2012, which I might not have had the confidence to pitch for had I not done New Expressions 1'.

Gabriella Falk Profile Image

New Expressions 1 artist Gabriella Falk specialises in textile works for public buildings and domestic interiors. She works either with woven tapestry or with combinations of applied textiles overlaid with machine and hand embroidery. She often draws her inspiration from images taken from travelling or from the environment and is interested in exploring cultural and environmental aspects of her surroundings.