Helga Gamboa

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During New Expressions 1 at Bristol City Museum, three different artists were working with three different groups of young people to explore and re-interpret social history collections, ephemera and Bristol's recent tradition of 'sub-vertising'.

The artists were Helga Gamboa, Graeme Evelyn and Motorboy.

The project took inspiration from an exhibition of paper collections which explored social messages including propaganda, satire and advertising, and pieces from the museum's Fine Art collection depicting the Bristol Riots of 1831.

The initiative enabled groups of participants to work with diverse artists and curators to debate the social, historical and present day resonances of the pieces within the framework of 'Subvertising' (subverting advertising) - itself a Bristol tradition. Participants' perspectives informed the final pieces by the artists.

The project set out to support Bristol-based artistic practice and to add significant new artworks to the museum's collection.

Helga Gamboa Profile Image

New Expressions 1 artist Helga Gamboa's work draws inspiration from African artifacts and their role in society. Her work explores the history of her country, Angola, as well as her own personal history and cultural identity. Gamboa is particularly concerned with the fragility of women and children in society.