• Bristol Museum's Wood and Harrison commission

    By: Emily Cooper, Bristol City Museums on 21 September 2015

    29th July 2015.

    An exciting day! The curators and I were given the rare opportunity to visit Wood and Harrison’s studio as they were drawing to the end of the planning stages of the project and preparing to start filming.

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  • Ubuntu on a sound walk as part of Ebb and Flow

    Experiencing the moment: An outreach project for New Expressions

    By: Ruth Gidley, Community Participation Officer, RAMM on 05 August 2015

    All New Expressions commissions aim to provide inspiring and innovative opportunities for people to participate and experience part of the creative process. Ubuntu, a counselling service for people from ethnic minority communities, went on a nature sound walk as part of RAMM’s outreach work for Ebb and Flow, a sound art installation by Chris Watson.

    Five adults – all aged over 60 – used telescope, binoculars and sound recording equipment to look and listen more than they usually would. Ubuntu’s director, Dr Faith Stafford, said: “[Everyone] enjoyed being able to hear the suction noises made by the feet of the black headed gulls, through the headphones of the sound recorder, as they walked across the mud! ....

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  • Volunteers enrich re creation of war time at historic house

    By: Susie O'Reilly on 01 June 2015

    As we walked up the driveway, noticing the sandbags heaped against the front door at Upton House, my companion remarked “Poor things, they must have had a flash flood”. Not a bit of it of course, this was just the start of Upton’s immersive and entertaining installation “Banking for Victory’.

    Staff and volunteers have worked together for months to research and recreate the war years at Upton – a remarkable time in the history of the house, when the owner, Lord Bearsted packed the most important of his pictures off to the slate mines in Wales, along with the National Gallery collections (he was a trustee) and moved in key staff from Samuels, the family bank.

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  • Imagination and resilience: Seven years of New Expressions and museum collaboration with artists

    By: Claire Gulliver on 20 April 2015

    It’s great to have a good news story in these challenging times for the arts.

    New Expressions is on something of a roll.

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  • Hello and Welcome

    By: Jo Clarke on 06 December 2014

    Welcome to the official blog for New Expressions – an exciting project across three areas of the UK that, thanks to funding support from Arts Council England, is providing opportunities for contemporary artists and heritage organisations to work together in new and interesting ways. We are currently in the middle of New Expressions 3 (NE3) and have 15 projects spread across the South West, Midlands and North of England.

    The partners involved include major partner museums, regional museums, galleries and heritage sites as well as National Trust properties.

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