Neville Gabie & Joan Gabie


Exploring Solitude: An Antarctic Commission - Neville Gabie and Joan Gabie

Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham 16-27 March 2012

As part of New Expressions 2, Neville Gabie and Joan Gabie created work which explores Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum's Edward Wilson and Antarctic collections.

In 'Exploring Solitude: An Antarctic Commision', the artists made three works for New Expressions - a collaborative book and the first video pieces to be acquired by the gallery.

One of the videos develops Gabies' earlier video work about kite flying in the Antarctic - this ephemeral activity contrasting with the efforts of Edward Wilson and the other explorers during Scott's famous expedition.

Neville and Joan also collaborated on a limited edition book, in response to the museum's 'Wilson Family' collection and issues of communication. This includes emails from Neville in the Antarctic to Joan at home in Stroud - and Joan's drawings in response.

The commission reflects the way that Edward Wilson used to communicate with his wife through letters and drawings.

The commissioned works, together with an additional video by Neville Gabie, a selection of the original drawings by Joan Gabie and material from the Edward Wilson collection, were shown at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham from 16-27 March 2012.

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New Expressions 2 artist Neville Gabie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1959. His work includes photography, sculpture and video. Neville Gabie was artist-in-residence at the Halley Research Station in Antarctica in 2008-09. He is currently working as Artist-in-Residence on the Olympic Park in London.
Joan Gabie is a teacher.