Peter Stiles


As part of New Expressions 1, painter Peter Stiles researched and interpreted the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon's marine biology objects and the lives of the Victorians who collected them.

During the course of his research, Peter created 12 paintings and an artist’s book, Vivarium, taking in 19th century evolutionary theory and creationism.

“The relationship with the artist has been inspirational. We haven't worked with an artist like this before,” said Alison Mills, Museum Manager.

“Peter's enthusiasm and the surprising directions in which the project has moved have given us all kinds of ideas for working with the museum's stored collections. We're finding unexpected uses for them; unlocking the knowledge side as well as the physical side of what we have here.”

Peter Stiles Profile Image

New Expressions 1 artist Peter Stiles is now Associate Artist at Plymouth Museum and a mentor for the New Expressions programme.