Suzanne Redstone


In 2008, as part of New Expressions 1, Porthcurno Telegraph Museum in Cornwall commissioned artist Suzanne Redstone to make a large outdoor sculpture.

The artwork is inspired by the museum's mirror galvonometer. Now permanently installed in the grounds of the museum, the sculpture explores light and invites visitors to walk around and through it.

As part of her research, the artist talked to museum volunteers, many of whom are experts in historical communications technology and former employees of Cable and Wireless.

Museum Director Libby Buckley said: 'The artist has been on a real journey. She's learned about the science, the technology, the history. We hope that other people will do her journey as a result of this project.

'The project is changing the way the museum thinks about its outside space, its schools workshops. It's becoming more ambitious and confident about how it delivers projects'.

Suzanne Redstone Profile Image

New Expressions 1 artist Suzanne Redstone works with light, investigating how it reflects, bends and transforms our way of seeing.